I almost reacted when it was rumoured that my wife was pregnant before we married – Joe Mettle

After it was suggested that he got married to his wife Selassie whiles pregnant, the gospel musician Joe Mettle expressed how he felt.

He claimed that he became even more enraged when a woman purposely appeared on a radio station to assert that he had remarried his wife and wanted to defend her.

Joe Mettle revealed for the first time in an interview on Joy Prime how the rumors affected his wife.

“On one of the stations, there was even a woman who said, oh, she’s pregnant, and that he married her because she was pregnant. The parents said if he doesn’t marry the girl, bla bla bla, and she even said she had a reliable source.

He elaborated, “For the very first time, I almost took action, but I was like, you know what, it’s not necessary so we had to talk to her. Unfortunately, where she worked, I know the owner of the station.”

Because I’m a part of this, I do understand. Therefore, I really don’t mind if you talk about me and other things.

“These rumors don’t affect my wife, but around that time, it was new to her because she had just married. Therefore, it was a lot, but she is fine,” he said.

Joe Mettle revealed, when asked how he manages to balance family and work, that despite his busy schedule, he tries to spend more time with his family whenever possible.

He went on to say that he has decided not to hire a nanny to look after his child because it’s better to bond with them when they’re young, and most nannies take away that chance.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com