I Am The Eldest of 7 Children – Don Little Reveals His Age

Ghanaians were taken surprise by Kumawood actor Don Little when a recently released video of him in an interview went viral.

The well-known Kumawood actor was recently interviewed by Nana Romeo on Accra FM, a radio station that operates in Accra.

Don Little, who is grown and the eldest of his parents’ seven children, stated in the interview that he is unsure about Yaw Dabo’s age.

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“I don’t know Yaw Dabo’s age, therefore I can’t say who is older between us. However, I am by no means a little boy. He declared, “I am the oldest of seven children.”

Don Little acknowledged that he is from the northern region when questioned why he has a northern name, citing Bolgatanga as his place of origin, however he has not been there before.

“My father is from Bolgatanga in the north, and my mother from Ashanti. However, I had never been there before. I won’t be able to send you there at this time if you tell me you want to sponsor me. My dad passed just recently. However, Don Little added, “I have six more siblings who share the same mother and father.”

Don Little claims that when he is depressed and has a woman come and talk to him or offer advice, that is when he feels happy.

The actor said that even though a lot of men have supported him, women have given him more support than men have.

I spend time with ladies when I’m depressed. It greatly inspires me. One quality of women that I admire and cherish is their sympathy. I would estimate that 90% of my current reach comes from women. “The ladies are more helpful, even though guys have helped me too,” he remarked.


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