I can’t manage a female artiste; we might have $ex – Bullgod


Bullgod, a stage name for talent manager Hanson Nana Asiamah, has explained why he is unable to handle a female performer.

Bulldog, who has long managed male artists, has admitted that he is unable to handle female artists since they might engage in sexual activity.

Bulldog recently reaffirmed his position that managing female musicians will not work out well since both sides will end up blending pleasure with business during a conversation with Sika Osei on ‘Stripped by Sika Osei.

‘‘I’m on record, you can google, I can’t manage a woman. It won’t work because some lickings go happen, like something to happen. It is not like I will force myself on you oh, but time will avail itself.’’

The well-known artist manager added that although he was one of the few who have revealed Becca’s relationship with her former manager Kiki Banson, no one had taken him seriously until it was revealed that they had an affair.