I died and God brought me back to life – Mr Ibu

Mr Ibu

John Okafor, better known by his stage as Mr Ibu, has opened up about the life-threatening illness that forced him to step away from the spotlight for a while.

The acclaimed Nigerian actor was said to be dead, but his family publicly denied the rumor, saying he was only unwell and had been admitted to the hospital, not dead.

It was said that a member of his household staff poisoned him as a result of his prosperous profession.

The actor agreed to an interview and provided further details about the disease that nearly killed him and kept him from working for three years.

He said that his illness was the result of a plot by his adversaries, who wanted him dead so they could celebrate and have a good time at his expense.

He said that during that time he walked off and saw only the dead, but fortunately for him, it was only by the grace of God that he is now among the living.

Mr. Ibu also said that his illness had taught him a valuable lesson that he will never forget.

Ibu said; “My illness was actually perpetrated by people that hate me. They did what they did to me. Later, I was taken to the hospital. The doctors are prophets. So, they went into my system and they told me what was wrong and what they are going to do. I said ‘Whatever you are going to do, please, do it, let me live because if I die like this the enemies will laugh’. And then the doctors said ‘Okay, there’s no problem’.

“At the time, I didn’t know what happened. I left! So, whatever I was saying they recorded it. I was saying something like somebody who is going mad. I wasn’t actually seeing anybody. But on the other side where I was at that time, I was seeing some dead people.. God brought me back.”

He however in the interview mentioned that he no longer eats food prepared by his wife, Stella.