I directed KiDi’s management to a powerful spiritualist – Ayisha Modi drops another bombshell


Ayisha Modi, a music investor from Ghana, has taken to social media to make accusations about how she attempted to improve KiDi’s ‘deteriorating’ health.

The notorious socialite said in snippets of a popular video debate that she ordered KiDi’s management to look for an alternate treatment from one of her pals, a well-known spiritualist on social media.

Ayisha Modi claimed she gave KiDi’s management the contact information for a woman known only as “Abrewa Nana,” who is well known for selling herbs and charms and who also offers spiritual consulting.

Her remarks were meant to highlight her friend’s abilities and effectiveness, particularly in light of the recent public scrutiny of those working in her industry following the controversy surrounding Hajia Bintu’s ‘Kayamata sale’ on social media.

The list of people in the nation who produce and market “Kayamata” includes Abrewa Nana.

The herbalist/spiritualist claimed that ever since ‘Hajia Bintu’ was exposed and criticized online for selling such love charms, she has been the target of attacks and her legitimacy has been questioned.

Ayisha Modi defended her in this situation, saying that she even suggested her to KiDi’s management.

“I know what she can do. I am your customer so I know. Even in the midst of KiDi’s illness, I directed his management to you. I told them to come and consult you, Abrewa Nana, because I know what you can do,” Ayisha Modi stated.

Meanwhile, KiDi has dropped another post after announcing his comeback on social media.

In what looked like a new single, it speaks about depression and ill-health among others.

“If I told you that I am well, I lied,” parts of the song read.