“I don’t see twerking as morally wrong” – Akuapem Poloo

“I don’t see twerking as morally wrong” – Akuapem Poloo

In a recent interview on Joy Prime’s Prime Morning Show, Ghanaian actress and social media sensation Rosemary Brown, also known as Akuapem Poloo, spoke out in defense of twerking.

Refusing to back down amid criticism, she stressed the importance of freedom of expression, arguing that twerking is a legitimate form of dance. Brown’s comments came after a video of her twerking enthusiastically at her birthday celebration went viral, sparking controversy and debate.

She even drew comparisons to the story of King David in the Bible, highlighting how he danced with such vigor that his clothes fell off. While twerking has been the subject of much debate, Brown remains resolute in her belief that it is a joyful expression and an integral part of dance.

Akuapem Poloo is a firm believer in the power of twerking as a mode of expression to celebrate joy and embrace individuality. She firmly supports the idea of uplifting the spirit through dance, and twerking is no exception.

According to her, twerking is not just a dance form; it’s a way to express oneself. It’s a means of showcasing the confidence and exuberance that every individual possesses within. Therefore, she encourages people to embrace their true selves and let their spirits soar high through twerking.