I made it out of Valentine’s Day still a virgin – 33-yr-old lady reveals

There is no “correct” age to have sex or lose one’s virginity, and it is crucial to keep in mind that everyone’s experiences and decisions are valid.

Some people might decide to have sex when they’re younger, while others might decide to wait until they’re older or decide not to have any sex at all.

There are various reasons why someone can still be a virgin at the age of 33, and being a virgin at that age is not unusual.

For instance, they might have decided to wait until they find the ideal spouse, they might refrain from having sex for religious or cultural reasons, or they might simply not have had the chance to do so yet.

It’s critical that people make their own decisions regarding their sexual experiences without being influenced by society expectations or conventions.

Whether or not a person is still virgin at age 33 has no bearing on their value or worth as a person. The most crucial thing is that they are confident and at ease with their decisions and connections.

Zukiswa Joyi, a gospel performer from South Africa, has taken pride in herself for maintaining her virginity both before and after Valentine’s Day.

The 33-year-old devout Christian claimed in a post on her Facebook page that it is possible to stay faithful throughout the celebration of Valentine’s Day even when temptation is strong and that anyone who claims otherwise is lying.