I need a man to be first gentleman when i become president - Akua Donkor reveals

The flagbearer of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP),Akua Donkor, is looking for a man who will only play the ceremonial role of first gentleman.

Akua Donkor, who lost her husband approximately two years ago, stated that she is now prepared to try again.

The GFP flagbearer ran for office in 2016, but he was disqualified.

She won some votes in 2020 as one of the candidates listed on the ballot sheet and came out on top.

The politician and cum farmer, however, who is 70 years old and has high hopes of winning the general elections in 2024, stated that he requires a partner for her.

Akua Donkor stated in an interview with Kofi TV what she anticipates from her potential suitor: “I haven’t re-married since my husband died. It’s been two years and my ring is no longer on my finger. I need to get married again because I need a partner as a female politician. It gets to a point in this political career where you and your husband’s presence will be required. I need a man to become a first gentleman after I win power.”

However, according to Akua Donkor, fulfilling household duties will not be part of her role as a wife.

“You won’t marry me to come and cook and clean for you. I won’t be responsible for house chores, that won’t happen. I only want your name,” she continued.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com