I only want to make you have an orgasm – King Nasir to Shugatiti

King Nasir

Nudist Shugatiti and her ‘pono’ boyfriend King Nasir appear to be at odds over their next ‘pono’ contest.

Readers will recall that Shugatiti boasted in an interview about not experiencing an orgasm despite having sex with many different guys.

Following this, adult-film actor King Nasir offered to assist Shuagatiti, sparking a contentious debate on social media with followers of both Shugatiti and King Nasir rooting for their favorite.

Up until recently, the matter had been resolved, but then Shugatiti uploaded a video with a commentary urging her followers to pick between King Nasir or the singer Gambo.

She posted: “Ohk let’s settle this @gambo_ii or @KingNasirXXX.


Others began interpreting her message after she published it, with some suggesting that King Nasir may have been pressuring Shugatiti for a relationship.

This compelled the adult film actor to publicly admit that, contrary to popular belief, he has no interest in dating Shugatiti and is just interested in giving her an orgasm.

He further said that since there is no need to resolve their differences, Gambo can keep Shugatiti for himself.

He responded: “There’s nothing to settle, he can have you…I don’t wanna date you. The only reason I’m entertaining this is to prove I can make you orgasm since you publicly claimed you’ve never had one in your entire life.”

King Nasir