I will not allow my child to play for Ghana – Ransford Osei Ex-U17 Star

I will not allow my child to play for Ghana – Ransford Osei Ex-U17 Star

Renowned former Ghanaian U-17 star, Ransford Osei, has expressed his reservations about allowing his child to pursue a football career in Ghana.

Despite his promising trajectory and achievements in the youth team as a Ghanaian footballer, Osei has candidly declared his reluctance to let his offspring follow in his footsteps.

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According to Osei, a national team appearance in Ghana requires one to “give something to get something,” a sacrifice he is not willing to make. In a recent interview with Humble Ike on YouTube, Osei boldly stated that if his child decides to play football, the Black Stars team is out of the question.

According to reports, the talented former U-20 FIFA World Cup winner has officially retired from playing professional soccer at the young age of 30.

While many fans were hoping he would shift his focus to coaching, he has made it clear that coaching is not for him. In a recent interview, he expressed that he cannot handle the immense amount of pressure that comes along with being a coach.

He explained that coaches often face the blame when their team loses, even when it’s the players on the field who made the mistakes. The pressure to perform is just too much for him to handle.

SOURCE: www.ghbuzznews.com