‘I wish I knew’ – Broke Ben Mwangi cries after spending on women and alcohol (video)

Ben Mwangi

Due to the unfortunate decisions he made as a young person, Kenyan resident Ben Mwangi now lives in a rescue home for the elderly and is dependent on the compassion of others.

As he reflects on his life’s downward trajectory, Mwangi confesses that the late former president Jomo Kenyatta had recommended him for the role of bank manager.

Mwangi had the honor of meeting President Kenyatta in 1968, who praised him and approved of his position at a small bank in Kenya.

With this endorsement, he was given the responsibility of running one of the bank’s branches on Moi Avenue, where he devotedly worked for eight years.

However, Mwangi succumbed to the temptation of the substantial amounts of money he handled daily.

He succumbed to his greed and began embezzling funds from the bank, ultimately leading to his dismissal in 1976 when his criminal activities were uncovered.

Interestingly, when he was making money during those times, he spent most of it on womanizing and alcoholism.

Thankfully, he is currently residing in an elderly care facility where he can at least have his daily bread.

His reputation was damaged as a result of his deeds, and the accusation of corruption followed him.

Mwangi was given the chance to work as the top accountant for the late Kenyan politician and businessman Kenneth Matiba despite the stain on his reputation.

He regrettably wasted this opportunity as well, adding to his record of bad choices.

Mwangi, who is now in his senior years and dealing with the effects of his poor decisions, is absolutely broke and dependent on the kindness of others.

He yearns for the impossible— i.e. to turn back time and rectify the wrongs he committed in his past.

With a heavy heart, he remains forever burdened by the weight of regret and a life that could have been different.

“What I can tell these young people is that make hay while the sun shines because if you don’t then you’ll become very remorseful in your old age and it won’t help,” Mwangi’s advice to the youth.

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