Joyce Blessing reacts after her boozing video goes viral

Joyce Blessing’s management has urged her fans and the general public to dismiss a viral video of the singer boozing in front of the camera.

Joyce Blessing may be seen in a very intoxicated, miserable state in the video, proclaiming her love for her claimed new partner, who is reportedly a married man.

Joyce may be heard, while under the influence of drink, expressing her love for the lover who had allegedly dumped her.

This is red wine, you made me drunk,” she said as she takes a big sip, adding “I love you, I f-cking love you“.

But a statement from the management of Joyce Blessing said the footage was not recently recorded and sent to her new lover as purported in reports published in the blogs.

“This video is an old video of a loving wife expressing private feelings to her husband and the content was not meant to be circulated publicly,” the release published in the late hours of Wednesday said.

It added that: “it is rather unfortunate that certain persons are doing everything to destroy the hard-won reputation of a talented and inspirational musician.”

The statement further indicated that the management and legal team of Joyce Blessing have launched investigations into the matter and the culprit(s) who published the video “shall certainly be held responsible”.

Joyce Blessing boozing video statement


The embarrassing video has become the talk of social media especially because Nana Agradaa is adding more insult to injury.

Amid her revitalised feud with the gospel singer, Nana Agradaa is using the video as a weapon to reaffirm reports about how adulterous Joyce Blessing is.


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