Just In : KFC Ghana On Verge Of Giving Out 500 Meals To Random Basic Schools Across The Nation

KFC Ghana has disclosed great plans of enlarging it’s community philanthropy by embarking on a food donation exercise, that will secure 500 pieces of ‘Streetwise Wing Meals’ to selected basic schools.

The KFC company in Ghana has, therefore, given it’s customers or internet users the chance to nominate a school, well deserving of this amazing offer.

In addition to this good will, KFC Ghana will be able to brighten the face of their company and get more patronage in the process; they will be a brand that does not only give customers value for their money but, also, takes interest of the welfare of it’s community and workers.

The ‘Streetwise Wings Meal’ consists of three crispy chicken wings and spicy rice all for 30 Ghana cedis.

If you seek to tease yourself to the most perfect treat of your lifetime, you can try out the ‘Streetwise Wings Meal’ — available to order on the KFC Ghana app.