A Young Man Recounts Brutal Assault From Hoodlums On Suspicious Grounds That He Is Gay

Perry Ato Inkoom told SVTV Africa about the unfortunate incident that happened to him, evening of 19 December, after honouring a birthday party invitation as MC.

The attack happened in Tema, a coastal town, miles east of Accra, capital city of Ghana,when Perry was being accompanied home by a friend, when a group of young boys ambushed them.

Inkoom had completed his assignment as an MC for a child’s birthday party and had gone to check on a child, who had attended the party, to see if she had returned home safely.

“On our way back,we met a group of boys, mocking me of being gay, my friend happened to know one of the guys and mentioned his name.
They called me names and began beating us, I passed out, only to wake up at the Tema General Hospital,”

Inkoom added that he had already been to the Tema Community One Police Station, located at Site 21, and had filed a complaint.

During the interview, Inkoom revealed the scars on his chest, neck and hand.