Kwaku Bonsam comments on Afia Schwar’s curses on Chairman Wontumi

Kwaku Bonsam

Chairman Wontumi and Maurice Ampaw have been instructed by Nana Kwaku Bonsam to seek spiritual protection and aid immediately, or else the awful curses cast on them by Afia Schwar a week ago will take effect.

In an interview with Adinkra TV, Nana Kwaku Bonasam stated that Antoa is not a river deity to be trifled with, thus Chairman Wontumi and Lawyer Maurice Ampaw should seek his advice.

In Nana Kwaku Bonsam’s own words;

“I can help them. They should try and see me so I help them. I have been calling Wontumi and he isn’t picking,”

“Anybody who thinks these curses cannot work is a joke. Chairman, Maurice and Afia need to come to an agreement. Whatever it takes, they should overturn the curses,”

After Lawyer Maurice Ampaw came out to rubbish Afia Schwar’s disgusting claims that Chairman Wontumi farts during ejaculation, she resorted to curses to clear and defend her assertions.



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