Lady spotted by the roadside kneeling to beg her man


A young Nigerian lady has quickly become a social media target after she was filmed kneeling by the roadside to beg her boyfriend.

Commentary on the video claims that the guy caught her in bed with another man and has since decided to end their affair.

On the other hand, the lady who was unwilling to lose her treasure didn’t mind getting down on her knees in public to beg forgiveness and promise never to cheat on him again.

Unfortunately for the lady, all of her cries went unheard because the guy showed no interest in what she was saying.

He averted his gaze as much as he could while patiently waiting for a commercial vehicle to leave the scene.

Social media users who have seen the video are slamming the guy for publicly humiliating the lady.

Some of these critics believe that the guy should have simply told the lady to stand up to save her from embarrassment, even if he has no intention of forgiving her.