Man goes mad for refusing to pay back loan he took from mobile app


According to reports, a Nigerian Man who borrowed money from a loan app on his phone and didn’t pay it back went insane.

The material was published on social media by Ahmed Isah, who had been given a preview of it. He made clear how depressing the burden of not repaying back loans could be.

He claimed that a man had borrowed 56,000 naira (GHC 1496, or $121) through a well-known loan app and had been making monthly payments until he went bankrupt.

Due to his incapacity to pay, the loan sharks started harassing him for the cash and then went to great efforts to accuse him of stealing and fraud by sending slanderous messages to his connections.

Since the individual had just attended a job interview, the message was also forwarded to his potential employer, according to the narrator, Mr. Ahmed Isa.

Also, his father-in-law received a similar message, causing him to block the individual.

As a result of losing everything, the man became insane. They were forewarned by the human rights activist not to use these apps to borrow money.