A well-known farmer who doubles as a hunter has been in a state of confusion after realizing his two biological sons are not in their frame of mind.

The hunter always goes to the forest for hunting animals and he regularly succeeds in doing so but this time around, it is quite unfortunate that the animals being hunted by him, are now haunting him back in reciprocal.

The father cum hunter the name Yaw Sekyi has been having severe nightmares when he saw his own children acting and behaving like typical monkeys trotting and jotting up and down in threes.

According to him, he does not sleep comfortably nowadays due to the weird manner in which his children are acting strangely at home.

He disclosed that, his children have been climbing and sleeping in threes all the day but the time they wish to descend, it is outrageous pronouncements and activities they engage in.

He is therefore asking from the public if it could probably be the cause that he has been hunting such animals as a result.

He further added that, anytime at all one of his children feels unwell, one will quickly go to the bush and search for some traditional medicine and upon finding it, he will whisper onto the medicine and give it to the other who is not feeling well, and he does it so quickly that he the father should not be aware and true to what the boy does, the other party immediately receives healing.

He also indicated that, his children are fond of sleeping and eating food in trees as humans and based on that, he has been having different kinds of thoughts concerning their unusual movements in their house.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com