McBrown Exposed For Not Paying For Her Kitchen Show On UTV – More Details Drop


Given the recent events, there is some sort of conflict between McBrown and UTV and its owners; both parties are not satisfied with themselves.

According to rumors, McBrown’s cooking show was canceled after she joined Onua TV. Reports state that Fadda Dickson allegedly ruined the program.

In an interview with Berla Mundi, McBrown disclosed that she is the show’s financial supporter. She mentioned that she had an agreement with UTV under which she had already begun paying for the United Showbiz show on UTV.

New information, however, suggests that McBrown never gave her money in exchange for her performance.

According to the report, they agreed that McBrown would receive 60% of the revenue from the show’s advertisements, and UTV would receive 40%.

According to a source on the inside, McBrown had no contract with her and never received payment for airtime.

After her departure, things between Nana Ama McBrown and the UTV management and owners are getting messy!