Meet Lt. Reginald Ofosuhene Adjei: The husband of Chef Faila supporting her Cook-A-Thon

The attempt by Faila Abdul Razak to create a challenging Guinness World Record by cooking uninterrupted has captured the interest of Ghanaians.

Many have been curious about her personal family life in addition to her famous culinary pursuits.

On November 1, 2020, according to reports, Faila wed Lt. Reginald Ofosuhene Adjei, a devoted Ghanaian military man.

According to many who were there, their wedding was a sight to behold. From our checks, Lt. Adjei is proud of Faila’s achievements and of serving their country.

If the couple has already begun a family, nobody knows. It is well known that Faila avoids letting the public in on her private life.


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Chef Faila Guinness World Record Cook-A-Thon
At midnight on New Year’s Day 2023, in the Modern City Hotel in Tamale, her extreme marathon cooking officially began.

The current record stands at 119 hours and 57 minutes, so she’s aiming to break it by preparing meals nonstop for 120 hours or longer.

Faila has the encouragement and faith of innumerable fans who want to see their gifted nation woman immortalized in history books all around the world as she fights mental and physical challenges for days on end.