Meet the youngest groom who quit school to marry the love of his life


Love is a powerful emotional experience that occasionally has no significance at all, which is why a boy has chosen to leave school and become the youngest bride.

The young guy reportedly decided to be married and could not wait until he finished his education, according to sources.

As a result, he made the decision to stop going to school by choosing not to participate in the final exams and instead choosing to get married to the love of his life.

The gorgeous young couple’s social media posts about their impending nuptials went viral.

The video that was uploaded online depicts the wedding ceremony for the pair.

The handsome groom and his lovely bride were spotted posing for photos with their loved ones who had come to celebrate with them while they were both impeccably adorned in their wedding clothes.

Many social media users have reacted to the video. Some say they’re starting their marriage early, while others think they’re too young to start one.