“Michael Jackson stole the ‘moonwalk’ dance move from me” – Reggie Rockstone`

Reggie Rockstone

Legendary Ghanaian musician Reggie Rockstone has bragged about inventing the popular moonwalk dance.

He claims that he invented the full dance move before it became popular all over the world. “I always tell people that we did the moonwalk, which you call the backslide before it became popular with Michael Jackson,” Reggie said.

Reggie Rockstone acknowledged that the moonwalk wasn’t actually invented until 1983’s “Billie Jean,” a song by Michael Jackson, on his Doreen Avio Show debut.

The reason why: We were not looking at Michael Jackson for the moonwalk and the backslide. We were investigating who had taught Michael Jackson. His name is Jeffrey Daniel. Jeffrey Daniel is a personal friend of mine,”

Reggie Rockstone also said that people like Adjetey Sowah were influenced by him, and that Michael Jackson copied his moves and made them more popular.

“People like Adjetey Sowah were doing the backslide way before Michael Jackson made it popular.” It was called the backslide. White people were new to it. They are the ones who call it the moonwalk. We were calling it a backslide.