Moment bride fights with bridesmaid for seductively dancing with her husband – video


On numerous social media sites, a video is now trending and receiving a lot of attention and feedback.

This widely shared video documents a bridesmaid’s out-of-control behavior at her best friend’s wedding.

The brazen bridesmaid in the video disregarded the fact that the celebration was in honor of her best friend and other pertinent information; she ought to have behaved and displayed some decency.

Due to her seductive dancing and twerking with the groom, who was also enjoying the occasion, this “notorious” bridesmaid came dangerously close to ruining the wedding.

The bride scolded her partner for embarrassing herself and him on their special day after becoming upset over how the bridesmaid was dancing with him.

She scolded her husband to stop dancing with her while angrily pushing the “home wrecker” away.

Although there is no harm in dancing with a married man, the moves shouldn’t be alluring and lead to rumors that there is ‘fishy’ behavior going on behind the scenes.