My boyfriend goes down on me even when I’m on my period – Actress reveals


One of the common responses to the trending confession reads, “It’s either she’s lying and doesn’t have a boyfriend or the guy is using her for rituals and she doesn’t know because no one in his right sense will be doing this disgusting thing.”

Monalisa Stephen, a socialite and actor from Nigeria, claimed that she used to force her ex-boyfriend to kiss her while she was on her period.

Monalisa revealed on the “Honest Bunch” podcast program hosted by renowned comedian Nedu that

The plus-sized actress explained that even when she is on her period, her ex-boyfriend insisted on having sex with her and in the course of the intercourse, he used to lick her bloodied vajayjay.

The Nollywood actress continued that she wasn’t sure what her ex-partner was trying to establish the first time he touched her while she was still menstruating, but after that, he started doing it frequently.

Monalisa advised men to love and appreciate every aspect of their woman during sexual encounters, despite the fact that this seems to be very disgusting.