Nana Yeboah insults Nana Agradaa over her comments on Atsu’s death

Nana Yeboah

Following Nana Agradaa’s remarks regarding the tragic demise of Christian Atsu, Nana Yeboah joined the chorus of incensed Ghanaians and reacted angrily.

Addressing to her congregation last Sunday, Nana Agradaa asserted that Christian Atsu’s failure to worship God in spirit and truth led to his own death, and that this was his fault.

Nana Agradaa asserts that if Atsu had known God, he would not have perished and would have lived, just like the other earthquake victims who did not lose their priceless lives.

Many Ghanaians who are mourning the late football player and philanthropist are incensed by the quickly spreading video.

Nana Agradaa went on to say that it’s very usual for footballers to go for fetish, black magic and other sources of power to protect themselves. There if Atsu really had God, he would have saved him.

She ended her submissions by categorically stating that she’s not afraid of the attacks from Ghanaians who will come at her for stating the obvious truth.

Reacting to Agradaa’s unsympathetic comments, Movie Actor Nana Yeboah has expressed his total disappointment at the Leader and founder of Heaven’s Way Chapel, Nana Agradaa.

He used some unprintable words to describe the Televangelist in an attempt to register his utmost disdain at her for spewing such nonsense.