My gf dumped me after I donated my kidney to her mother – Man cries


A 23-year-old hip-hop producer and singer from Nairobi revealed how his fiancée left him after he gave her mother his kidney.

The performer going by the name Edwin stated he met his partner in 2020, when she made the first move and he said yes.

According to Edwin, his girlfriend told him about her mother’s health just a few months into their relationship, and they agreed to go see her at the hospital.

The doctor warned them that the mother of his girlfriend was in a very serious condition and would die if she didn’t receive a transplant.

He was found to be a match after various testing, and his fiancée persuaded him to give her mother one of his kidneys.

He secretly donated a kidney to the mother of his fiancée out of a sense of duty, and he spent two weeks in the hospital following the procedure before being allowed to go.

According to Edwin, a few weeks after he was released from the hospital, his girlfriend told him that she couldn’t keep the relationship going because her five-year-old lover had just returned from abroad.

“We knew each other for like two weeks before we started dating, and I remember she was four years older than me. It is a good thing when a lady admits that she loves you. We dated for a few months and I started doing my music professionally.

I knew I was not related to them so I was confident when I went for those tests. Doctor came, looked at me, looked at the mother and finally said, we have found a match. My girlfriend told me please do this for my mum. I knew my mum would never agree to it and I thought since I am an adult with an ID, I would do it.

I thought since the whole family knows me and if I do that sacrifice for them it’s like you have been given a wife for free. Later, she told me her boyfriend is at the airport and that they have been dating for five years and now he is at the airport from abroad. He was supposed to come in February but because of COVID-19, he couldn’t come. My other kidney is ruined and there is a chance that my life will be over if I get 27 years. Even if I get a transplant I may not even get to 30 years old. Every day I wake up I say wish was I dead. I think my whole purpose of living is done”, Edwin disclosed.

Edwin further stated that he was devasted by the news and now his other kidney has began to fail.

He added that doctors has informed him that he will not live up to 30 years even if he undergoes a transplant.