Nollywood Sensation, Destiny Etiko, Finally Reveals Her Husband-To-Be

The society and media has been beaming  with great anticipation and congratulatory messages, as photos of multi-talented Destiny Etiko and her fiance hit the internet, signifying their approach to the institution of marriage.

As the globe is, often, filled with a mixture of fake and true speculations, it has become a norm for well-known celebrities to keep their personal relationships away from prying eyes — and Destiny Etiko is no exception!

However, true love cannot remain hidden for long, that is why Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, who also owns a station, Destiny Etiko TV, has decided to share her newly-found joy with her fellow Nigerian’s and the world beyond, through the means of social media.

The announcement was followed by posts of beautiful photos of Destiny and her beau in a captivating pose, while another depicted the heavily-endowed actress in a lavishly-sewn white wedding gown, posing like a bride.

Many of the screen goddess’s followers, both on and off screen, have been bewildered as the wonderful photos continue gracing the internet.

See below the photo of Destiny and her beau :

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