Not all gospel singers are Christians – Moses OK

Moses OK

Moses OK, a legendary gospel performer, has hinted that not all musicians who write or sing gospel songs are acquainted with God or the Holy Spirit.

He asserts that even if people may sing about God, neither they nor their calling to that ministry are implied by such acts.

These comments were delivered by the “Osori Taa Wakyi” singer during an interview on #TheZone on Monday.

He was responding to a query about some gospel performers’ clothing choices, which are frequently viewed as impure and immoral, particularly during performances and in music videos.

“The Bible says that the item that causes people to sin will undoubtedly come, but woe unto everyone whom via that person that a person falls,” he said in his contribution, paraphrasing Luke 17: vs. 1-4.

He noted, “from my point of view, it is not appropriate, it’s not right for a child of God, who knows God and has the spirit of God in him. We have to understand this, when a person is singing a gospel song, does that not mean, not all people who sing gospel songs are Christians or know God. Some people may sing about him and not be…”

One reaction towards gospel artistes who seemingly dress ungodly is disappointment. Many Christians expect gospel artists to be exemplary in every aspect of their lives, including their dress sense. They believe that gospel artistes should dress in a way that reflects the values of the Christian faith, which includes modesty and simplicity.

This conflict in views has most often discouraged many from enjoying gospel music especially, that of some Ghanaian gospel musicians.

However, Mr. Ok, thinks people who are easily discouraged to enjoy gospel because of the acts of its singers are being harsh. He explained, “we have people making such statements but it’s very wrong. You shouldn’t have to conclude or judge the whole industry or ministry by one or two or three people doing some of these things.”

“You need to understand, as I said there are people who do not have a relationship with the Holy Spirit because when you truly have the spirit of God in you, the spirit of God will prompt you. He will let you know that what you are doing is not glorified, it does not glorify me.”

He added that, before he got married to his wife, the Lord ministered to him to prompt his wife about some dresses she should not wear, because people will be watching them and they are to set an exemplary life for the world.

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