Overtaking is Allowed, Magye a Magye – Afia Schwarzenegger Reacts To Claims Of Snatching Someone’s Husband

Afia Schwarzenegger

Afia Schwarzenegger, the controversial queen of comedy, has responded to claims that she has taken someone’s husband.

Afia has stated that she is proud of herself because it is something she desired and pursued. She went on to say that overtaking is permitted.

She also showed off a Prada that she allegedly stole from her so-called husband. This comes after Odii Tornado revealed that Afia Schwarzenegger blackmailed an already married chief into marrying her.

Nana Tornado also stated that Schwar received a Prada from the chief.

Afia is teasing’magye a magye,’ which means she has no regrets.

She is proud of herself for getting what she wants.