Queen Silla is more than Hajia Bintu – wild video of pretty SHS girl causes stir online

Many claim Queen Silla is more than Hajia Bintu after her large backside caused a huge feelings on social media.

Queen Silla, a high school student at Wesley Girls’ Senior High School in Kumasi, has been trending on social media for some time. Many people have since followed her social media pages after she released a few videos. Additionally, she has been hypnotizing her social media followers with dance videos.

She recently released a viral video in which she was seen wearing a leopard print bodycon that looked amazing on her. If your girl wears a bodycon this little, she probably has a big shape and curves.

Her videos are entertaining to watch, and in the one we’re discussing, the young woman was dancing and gesturing to a song by Mr. Drew’s Pains. Silla twisted and rotated to display her tall figure while wearing a tight dress.

After watching this particular video of Queen Silla, internet users went crazy and started comparing her to Hajia Bintu, the queen of curves and backsides.

Remember that one of the most well-known social media influencers, Hajia Bintu, has drawn a lot of attention due to her figure?

Check out the video below;


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