Ras Nene loses cool as Achimota Mall stops him from shooting skit with Efia Odo (WATCH)

Renowned comedian Ras Nene found himself at the center of attention when Achimota Mall halted his plans to shoot a funny video skit with Efia Odo.

Efia Odo, had planned an uproarious skit that was bound to leave their fans on the edge of their seats. The premise involved the two joyfully frolicking around the mall, as they shopped for items, showcasing the great chemistry that existed between them.

Unfortunately, upon their arrival at the Achimota Mall, the security personnel obstructed their efforts, claiming that filming without proper authorization was prohibited. But Ras Nene, who is known for his quick wit and feisty character, refused to surrender easily and engaged in a heated argument with the team.

The unexpected interruption visibly upset the actor who lost his cool and engaged in a heated exchange with the security personnel at the shopping center.

According to an official statement, the mall management cited the disruption of commercial activities and the need to maintain order as reasons for their actions. This incident has generated conversations among fans on social media, with many expressing diverse opinions on the subject.

The question on everyone’s lips remains: Was Achimota Mall justified in stopping Ras Nene and Efia Odo from filming their hilarious video skit or was it an excessive use of power?

Watch video below: