Stop Living Fake Lives – Destiny Etiko Warns Against Chasing Away Helpers With Boastful Life

Destiny Etiko

She claims that people who lead false lifestyles unintentionally drive away the people who can help them fulfill their destiny because everyone assumes that they are at ease.

Destiny Etiko, a well-known Nigerian actress, has issued a warning to those using social media to cease leading false lives.

The performer claims that people leading false lives unintentionally drive their destinies’ aides away because everyone assumes that they are at ease.

In her words:

“If you know you are managing your life, even if you are not managing your life there is no need to come unto social media and rant. You are this you are that, I own this I own that. You do not know when you are chasing your destiny helper. Don’t come and be saying you have what you do not have. You do this you do that. It doesn’t pay.

“Why I’m saying this is. Me wey get money, you fit see me I go tell you say, my sister u dey manage. You sef fit think say ah nawa oh. I been think say this person get that kind money sef but she’s managing. If I get any link, I go link am. Stop living fake lives.”