“Store More Ahead Of Solar Eclipse” — Ohio Emergency Team Cautions The World

An emergency management team situated in Ohio, referred to as Lorain County Emergency Management, has come out with a couple of admonishments which go a long way to help the entire world.

According to them, a major solar eclipse will creep upon the earth on  April 8, 2024; which is why, they entreated all lovers of eclipse and eclipse viewers to increase their food, water and fuel supplies for storage, as movement and travelling will be obstructed on the said date, due to the atmospheric transformation.

“During the 2024 solar eclipse, the Sun will be in or near Solar maximum, very bright, which will enable viewers to have a better chance in viewing prominent features– which appears as bright, pink curls or loops ripping off the Sun.

The solar management team in Ohio, also, emphasized on the fact that cell phone signals, all over the globe, could be lost, due to the surging rise of cell phone activity, as most people would want to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary moment.

They, thereby, advised the public to adhere to whatever instructions that would be meted out, in order to enjoy a wonderful experience, and, also, to avert any health challenges in the future.