In a TikTok video that she also shared on her Instagram page, TikTok star Jackline Mensah has sparked a pregnancy rumor.

After depriving her followers of content for some time, the Ghanaian TikTok star finally made a comeback with the release of a sweet new video.

When she uploaded the video, the pretty TikToker, who had not posted any videos in a while, excited her fans.

TikTok star Jackline Mensah’s “fuller oranges” stoke pregnancy rumors (video) In the video, it appeared as though Jackline Mensah was at home because the apartment she was in resembled the one she uses frequently in her TikTok Live videos.

In the video, Jackline and two friends had a good time dancing to a gospel song. They danced in a line for the cameras and took turns.

During her routine of funny dance moves, Jackline Mensah remained, as usual, her hilarious and silly self. Her fans were captivated by her distinctive pink hairstyle.

People noticed that Jackline Mensah had grown larger and thicker, with larger cheeks and a heavier upper body. This has led many of her fans to believe she is pregnant.