Turkey earthquake: Young girl rescued after 178 hours under rubble

A bizarre incident has unfolded in the southern part of Turkey where an earthquake struck down the entire cause of the country on Monday in the early part of last week where deadly destruction befell the whole country rendering lives and properties useless and desolation.

After the tragedy, a lot of high profiled personalities were believed to have been trapped under the rubble of the collapsed buildings in that nation including football heroes and their prolific managers.

But wonders they say; shall never end” that could be a miraculous encounter a very young child has gotten after many days of the earthquake in that volatile country, she has been found hale and hearty with mild or fewer injuries on her body.

The safe rescue of the child has amazed and startled vast spectrums of citizens in the country who could not believe what they have seen physically with their eyes.

Even though there was no reported case of a missing child on any particular media platform, unlike those from the football fraternity, the innocent baby has been taken care of and was trapped under those heavy and destructive fallen stones but, miraculously, could not be asphyxiated.

As some people chanced upon witnessing what they could not imagine in their lives times, others started praising and exhorting the name of God since He is a God of miracles, signs, and wonders, and that is the only omen that has protected the precious soul of the defenseless child quarantined under the shackles of the rubbles.

As the news spreads like a wildfire amongst the eyewitnesses and other observers, it has rejuvenated the hope in some certain crop of Ghanaian nationals who have been praying for the same rescue mission of Ghana’s football and international hero, Christian Atsu, who was sadly reported to be lodging on the 9th floor on the building just twenty minutes into the total collapse of the structures.

Source: www.ghbuzznews.com