The mystery behind the whereabouts of Christian Atsu

An unexpected occurrence that infolded in Turkish early this week where countless well-built buildings were raised down destructively, has been giving a lot of people headaches and paranoia since their families and friends have been caught up by the unfortunate incident including many sports personalities across the world.

Conflicting information and accounts have been rendered even by the management of the football club of the Ghana Black Stars player, Christian Atsu.

Currently, the precise whereabouts or the location of the renowned Ghanaian citizen is nowhere known to people who are fervently concerned about his dear life since he has been their breadwinner.

Earlier reports confirmed that Christian Atsu was rescued from the rubbles of the nine-story building that he was inhabiting before the tragedy of the earthquake struck the entire cause of Turkey.

Expensive losses of lives have been confirmed including significant amounts of properties that have been destroyed while rendering them completely desolate.

Many Ghanaians have demanded through various means to find out from the Turkish authorities where they could find Christian Atsu because he has a lot of families and other orphans that he has been taking care of.

Now it is a mystery that clouds the life of Christian Atsu even though Turkish Nationals have confirmed rescuing him from the earlier dilapidated and defunct building when his house was part of the areas demolished by the earthquake that hit the country.

Ghanaian people are very anxious to know what has happened to the Black Stars player since the Turkish authorities announced that he was saved and sent to hospital for medical treatment and but later on, sluggishly exclaimed that, it was a mistaken identity.

Since Ghanaian nationals are religious and spiritual in the way they do their things, they strongly believe that there could be an invisible hand behind the sudden departure and disappearance of their lovely and favorite football hero who is the breathe” in their mouths for various reasons.

Those who would like to seek the face of the Supreme and Sovereign God, they prayed seeking His Intervention so that Atsu could be found and also, those who believe in the practice of other Orthodox means, are doing their part just to make sure Christian Atsu is finally found, hale and hearty.

At this juncture, the search party is still involved in locating where he could be found in addition to one of the sporting directors of the club he currently plays for before this tragic episode befell his precious soul.