There is no privacy in marriage – Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Sanders Benson, a UK-based Ghanaian musician, has declared that privacy disappears when a person marries, and that couples should divulge their secrets to one other without fear.

She claimed that, while each couple may have some constraints, marriage is a setting in which neither spouse should conceal anything from the other.

“The moment you marry is the moment you lost your privacy; you and your wife should be one. I don’t care whatever it is you’re doing. You shouldn’t be afraid to pick up each other’s phones.

“You have nothing to hide from each other. You’re supposed to be one, what does the vow say? The vow says you’re a union, so when did your phone become yours? You’re one. That’s how you grow,” she said.

Discussing privacy in an interview on Happy FM on February 22, 2023, she stressed that if the matter included business issues, a partner had no business meddling in the partner’s phone.

“I mean there are certain things that you may not have to share because it is business. That’s different…if you have a phone and everything you have to do is about work, you don’t have to share,” she clarified.