Thief freezes in front of house he tried to rob


A Thief who tried to rob last night failed because “juju” frozen him till dawn.

A strongly built robber was ready to enter his victim’s room in a viral short video that has since gone viral on social media when the ‘juju’ struck and instantly frozen him.

Because he appears so sweet during the day, the thief’s local neighbors who are familiar with him couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw him frozen in front of his victim’s chamber.

According to the commentary on the video, the incident took place in a small community in the Brong Ahafo region where voodoo is widely practiced.

Many flocked to the area in large numbers to see the terrifying scenario, but the person the robber was trying to steal was nowhere to be seen.

Funny remarks about how the person would feel once he unfroze and saw the crowds of people there to record the embarrassing time in his life could be heard in the background of the video.