Watch: Tiktoker mocks Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko over her wig

As Destiny Etiko shared a video of her wearing a wig in a movie scene, a young Nigerian woman made fun of the well-known Nollywood actress.

The user known as @adaeze085 posted a video of Destiny Etiko in a movie scene where she used edge control to lay the edges of her hair, giving it a tacky appearance. Additionally, she wore an orange wig that didn’t match the color of her hair.

Since then, the video has gained popularity on TikTok, where fans have commented on Etiko’s hairstyle.

While some commenters berated Etiko’s hairstyle, others backed her and said that it was only a scene from a movie. They added that Destiny always does her best to highlight the themes in any movies in which she appears.

Watch the video below;

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