WATCH: Voluptuous Actress Venza Gh Reacts To Claims Of Going Under The Kn!fe To Enhance Her Body

The way beauty standards are viewed and followed in Ghana’s entertainment sector has undergone a considerable change in recent years.

Actresses from Ghana and other entertainment figures are increasingly choosing liposuction as a way of altering their physical appearance due to the desire to have the “perfect” body.

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In the past several months, a number of well-known and respectable individuals have come forward to openly admit and affirm that they have undergone surgery to give themselves the kind of body they so much want.

In addition, some online users started to claim that Kumasi-based actress Nana Yaa Pokuaa, commonly known as Venza Gh in the entertainment industry, underwent such a treatment despite being known to be endowed naturally.

In response to these allegations, Venza Gh vehemently denied ever having had liposuction and insisted that the image that the public sees is her own figure.

The excellent actress explained that her tummy had previously been fairly large, but because she loves fashion and has a predilection for certain sorts of clothing, she chose to work on it by monitoring her food and other health issues, and eventually, she achieved the nearly ideal shape.

However, when asked if she had an issue with her coworkers who had liposuction to improve their bodies, Venza gave a flat-out no, saying that they were free to do whatever they wanted with their bodies.

Watch the video below;