Wild reactions as Nigerian musician, Ruger, admires a lady’s breast at an event


Ruger, a prominent stage name for Michael Adebayo Olayinka, a Nigerian artist, has caused controversy on social media for behavior that many have deemed “uncalled for” and indecent.

among a widely shared video, the musician was giving a performance at an occasion when he spotted and appreciated a woman’s breast among the cheering crowd.

Ruger quickly scratched some lyrics into the stated woman’s breast after stumbling upon it.

“I’ve never seen a girl like you with such big heavy boobs,” he was heard saying.

Social media users, who appeared to be repulsed by his mannerisms, seem to have had mixed reactions to the situation.

They also questioned why the woman in issue seemed so ease performing the deed.

Some online users criticized the woman’s quiet, claiming that she did not raise an alarm just because Ruger is well-known.