“Your jaw like gearbox” – Medikal goes crazy on lookalike


The LookAlike Mantra is the New Craze that is progressively dominating the media landscape.

All of the well-known celebrities seem to have a clone, and they have begun to emerge one after the other.

These include young males who parade themselves as impersonators of celebrities like Medikal, King Promise, Kuami Eugene, KiDi, Stephen Appiah, etc.

In recent days, these people have taken over social media with films that mimic the original in terms of acting, speaking, walking, and in some cases, even clothing.

The multi-award-winning Ghanaian rapper Medikal has expressed his disgust with the media’s embrace of celebrity impersonators.

Rapper Medikal has criticized the nation’s media outlets for allowing impersonators of famous people to work in their offices.

Additionally, he requested media outlets and bloggers to avoid writing about these alleged clones. He asserted that the absurdity must end.

In a recent video, the MDK gave the lookalikes employment advice as opposed to leveraging the likenesses of celebrities to gain quick cash.

According to Medikal, the spotlight has switched away from the musicians who put a lot of effort into making their music and toward those who impersonate and make money off of artists as a result of the increase of celebrity lookalikes.

He explained that as an artiste he encourages others to work hard and earn more money. The Sowutuom native made these remarks amid raining heavy punches on the lookalikes.