Zionfelix’s baby mama Minalyn reportedly goes back to him


Minalyn, the mother of Zionfelix’s first child, is rumored to have reconciled with the blogger-turned-YouTuber after officially divorcing him in a lengthy statement she published on social media in January.

According to Mina, Zionfelix is now history to her because she has moved on and no longer has an intimate relationship with him. She said in her lengthy post that went viral on social media that he (Zionfelix) didn’t understand the worth of gold (Minalyn), so she left to be with someone who does.

Yet when he opened the door and let another woman into their relationship, she blamed Zionfelix for ruining their happy relationship.

Moreover, Minalyn disclosed that Zionfelix’s conception of Erica wasn’t an accident but rather was planned in advance.

So, it seems like Mina and Zionflelix have revived their previous romance.

Tutugyagu, a well-known Instagram blogger, was the one who first released this delicious information online.

Following Tutugyagu’s initial announcement on the local digital landscape, Minalyn has also used her Snapchat account to quietly reaffirm the rumors.

She implied in a new post that she is not the one pleading for a comeback, but rather Zion who is having a hard time moving on from her.