65-year-old man marries an 11-year-old girl

As the majority of those youngsters come from low-income families, the agreement is made in exchange for reducing poverty. At this young age, no wealthy family will give their daughter away for marriage.

It’s really too bad that the little girl’s future, goals, aspirations, life, and freedom of choice have all been cruelly robbed from her.

Unfortunately, religion is the biggest issue in this region of the world, and urgent action must be taken to address it.

Recent social media images and videos that have infuriated many netizens show an 11-year-old girl being given to her 65-year-old husband at their wedding ceremony.

65 year old man marries an 11 year old girl

The small child appeared dejected in the brief, revolting videos, whereas the man, who could pass for her great grandfather, was delighted.

I’m still perplexed as to how the elderly man thought the young girl, who was only 11, was attractive enough to marry her.

Someone that is supposed to be watching cartoons and playing without having to worry about responsibilities; This world is just twisted up.

The video from the wedding reception that has gotten more than 50k angry comments on social media is shown below.