Lady takes back phone and belt she bought for her boyfriend after she caught him cheating


After discovering her lover with another woman, a woman publicly humiliated him by taking back the gifts she had given him.

In the viral video, the no-nonsense woman is seen accusing her partner of infidelity and furiously referring to him as a male prostitute.

He was slapped by his irate girlfriend before she demanded that he return the phone she had bought for him as she vented in Yoruba.

She claimed that the man is just her older brother and that there is no sexual tension between them while also stealing the belt he was wearing while with the woman she feared he was cheating on her with.

In spite of the jeers from the crowd, the boyfriend kept his composure and followed the other woman out of the building.

The individuals there then realized that the young woman they had thought to be his side chic was actually his younger sister.

Men should never let a woman feed them, advised the internet user who shared the video.