Abena Korkor Shows Off Her Slim Figure After Massive Weight Loss (+VIDEO)

Abena Korkor

Abena Korkor has finally returned to social media with a new, leaner figure after being absent for more than a year.

Abena Korkor recently shared a video on her Instagram profile in which she flaunts her pretty trim body, revealing that she had been trying to lose weight during her absence from social media.

Excited followers praised her new body in the comments section. Some even claimed that she appeared happier and younger.

With her series of exposés about powerful men and women in Ghana, Abena Korkor has become a force to be reckoned with.

Majority of married men who have slept with her were not spared during her relapse. She went into details about how each of them treated her and what she gained from them.

Abena made the decision to take some time off so that she could take care of herself because her social media rants were continuing to cause issues in the homes of many men.

It appears that she used her little hiatus from social media to take care of herself. It is clear from her current weight loss that the new Abena Korkor is back and better than before.