Fine girl doused with acid by boyfriend for refusing to do blood covenant with him


According to an awful report first published by Ghpage, a boyfriend injured his girlfriend by throwing acid on her when she refused to comply with his demands.

In an exclusive interview with Rashad, who also happens to be the boss of Ghpage, the victim, identified only as Martha, said that her lover had hired several hoodlums to pour acid on her because she had refused to form a blood covenant with him.

Since he never caught her cheating, he chose to make a blood covenant rather than waiting until he had a sneaking suspicion that she was.

According to the Ghpage complaint, the girlfriend’s furious boyfriend secretly broke into her home and doused her in acid.

The hired goons crept up from behind her that fateful night as she was about to inspect the TV pole behind their room and covertly splashed acid on her.

Her grandma, who had attempted to save her, was also caught in the acid droplets and had sections of her body burned after committing the horrific act and fled the scene.

The hired thug carried an empty box and a can of sure spray to Martha’s residence before the attack. Before she knew what was in store for her, she threw the sure spray and the empty box into the trash. The cops learned through their phone chats that her lover had engaged a thug to pour acid on her.