Adelaide The Seer will win VGMA unsung category – Dopenation

Adelaide The Seer And Dopenation, Musicians

Ruling VGMA Group of the Year DopeNation have disclosed that their inclination to help outwardly hindered songstress Adelaide the Seer was a result of heavenly commitment.

The indistinguishable twins reviewed how they got help to “figure out how to fish”, which has made them what they are today, thus they appreciated the chance to respond that.

Subsequently, they said they couldn’t have botched that chance when it showed up in Adelaide the Seer.

“We just felt obligated to help. It is just like walking down the street and someone approaches you for help, and you feel like you can help. That is how we were helped to learn how to fish,” the duo said in an interview.

DopeNation clarified that however they are eager to assist Adelaide the Seer, they are a long way from satisfaction as there is more they believe they can in any case accomplish for her art.

They expressed delight that she has already received recognition at the VGMAs having been nominated for the Unsung Category.

DopeNation believe she will emerge the winner.

“… presently this isn’t the young lady you see that is looking for help from one station (radio) to the next, yet now this is an artiste who needs consideration,” they said, adding that there is a whole other world to do to put her up there.

They, nonetheless, asked that her fans show restraint toward her as her present status of wellbeing doesn’t allow her to buckle down, and that there is a great deal to come from her camp. DopeNation is on a media visit in the Western Region to advance their new single ‘Today’



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