Are Tattoos Befitting For A Doctor? Ghanaians Question The Reason Behind Dr. Louisa’s Recent Tattoo Post

Dr.Louisa Satekla, the wife of reigning dancehall artist, has been called out by Ghanaians for posting a photo of herself in a newly-carved tattoo on social media.

According to a recent finding by, Dr.Satekla posted photos of her tattooed neck and arm in a video with her husband’s song ‘Overlord’ booming in the background.

In great distaste and surprise, a staunch fan of Shatta Wale’s took to social media to criticize Mrs. Satekla for going against the coded ethics of being a doctor.

Webkid wrote on Twitter :

“In this our settings, this is so unprofessional to have a tattoo as a doctor. It’s sad Dr.Louisa is gradually losing her home trained morals just to please Stonebwoy. Who knows what is next in line for her to do?”

Whereas some Ghanaians have lauded him for such an eye-opening post, others have disagreed, stating that tattooing is not against the medical professional ethics.

See below the photo of Dr.Louisa’s tattoo post :