Since many individuals who are concerned about their fundamental human rights, they would not allow you in any unfortunate occurrence where their lives might be at risk when you engage them in working with you despite their intentions of agreement.

Some would tell you that due to their egregious experiences in life, they have learnt their lessons because of how they were treated in their previous workplaces.

As a result of that, because of what transpired in their former workplaces where it could be a possibility that some of them were promised or assured of financial or insurance policy support in any instance of an eventuality but suddenly, the companies reneged on their promises and threw away their fundamental human rights like a jettisoned cargo.

Every fixed institution that has come to employ, hire and fire employees on the ground of misconduct or gross insubordination towards management, should be able to have a legal support system that would defend the employer and have his or her interest at heart to keep the reputation and pedigree of the employers without being defamed or maliciously used to cause public uproar and paranoia.

Employers must have the emergency number stored in their smartphones where they could talk to an experienced labour lawyer.

But if you hire the services of an HR agency, you are automatically given or provided with a hotline labour law number which is manned around the clock and in any event that leads to damages or losses of lives and properties, where employees get injured or maimed in their line of duty, at the workplaces, leading to an unfortunate accident, labour law experts could be engaged to forestall any intended lawsuits against the company or employers who might not be ready at that unexpected situations to offer any appreciable supports.

You must also carry out a risk assessment to evaluate, analyse and assess the cause of damage either to life or to someone’s property before you are dragged to the law court for damages incurred onto someone’s property or life in most cases if you expect it the least.

Here, the ultimate services of a leading HR agency are needed to offer services that are related to these unfortunate incidents. Every employer must have their staff trained.

It is a prudent decision to organise and conduct a comprehensive health and safety tips workshop for your employees to allow them to acquaint themselves with the emerging trends of safeguarding their lives and how to take precautionary measures to avoid unfortunate circumstances that could affect them in the long run.

Professional mediation services are required and needed since you are dealing with different kinds of employees at your workplace.

In the events leading to the incident where some employees may file a lawsuit against the employer due to one reason or the other, you must have a team of labour law legal luminaries on standby to defend and solve in mediating conflict involving the employer and the employee where experts of mediators could be engaged swiftly to address the issue before it gets out of hands.



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